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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trying on

Today, one of my colleague introduce me a Forex platform called It can allow us to try OANDA FXGame Practice Account for no expired date. I registered it and try for it.

I have zero knowledge in Forex Currency. Last year I had tried on Due to I have no on this kind of knowledge, so I lost.

Nowadays, all of us are having economy problem and everybody also try to find extra income. If want to do a small traditional business, for now, it will very hard and need to bring out some money to invest for keep stock and financial rolling purpose; if do direct sale, it will very difficult too and we should hard work. Work From Home, also is one of the direct sale, the different only on management...etc

Market Economy down, sure everybody also scared to invest in stock market (Share Market) and mutual fund. More companies were shut down. The economy of other contries are also down.

Most of us will put our money into Fix Deposit, but I heard the news said that maybe next year the interest of Fix Deposit will decrease to zero. The interest of bank accounts are also will decrease. How could we do?

Do not buy car or premises to increase our burden. Lessen to buy luxury goods. Do not change job currently. Lessen to travel around. Do not invest right now and keep more money to invest into share market when the market is in the lowest point... etc... Do not eat more too... Haha

Maybe Forex can help us to earn extra income but the important thing we cannot greedy and should study before register into real time platform.

My Office PC Desktop was admitted to "Hospital"

I am working here but I do not have a own PC desktop. I only can share a single mother board but two monitors with my another colleague. That software is called USB WorkStation (MCT).

I understand this software can be saved cost on licenced software for the thrid user. But for my job function is more on data entry and more of microsoft office work. All my data should save into hard disk. My another colleague is also same with me.

Two staffs work, save into one hard disk. If in case the PC got problem, means that two staffs should shut down their job. It is very inconvenience for me, for my job. Even some anti virus software also block this software too.

Now that supplier who sold this software to us, I also cannot get him again.

My opinion on this software is only suitable for those company only dealing on payment online or no data entry will save into hard disk.

Overall, I hope my boss will offer me a seperated mother board with my colleague. Now I am only waiting that PC come back from "Hospital" and hope it will operate as well.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Annual Dinner 2008 ~ Invitation Card and Lucky Draw

Our company will be held a annual dinner at Tanjung Bunga Beach Hotel Penang on 03-01-2009. The tittle is Hawaii Night.

We have one of our colleagues she is intellegent in design the invitation card and lucky draw card.

Maybe for other colleagues they will feel very excited, but for me, I do not have any excited in this year annual dinner.
This year, I am one of the committees of annual dinner. I incharged of Night Game.
All my colleagues will stay over night but I will not. This coming Sunday my house will have a party to celebrate my QiQi one year old birthday. Early morning on Sunday, I should help my mother-in-law to prepare our party foods.
Hope this annual dinner will not happen any nonsense gossip again...

New Hair Style of My SuanSuan & I

Last Saturday, my mother-in-law cut my SuanSuan front hair due to front hair was too long. After cut, she looked like very fresh and pretty more... am I right?

I also did straighten my hair too. From May 2008, I had a long hair but I permed it to curve. October 2008, I cut my long permed hair to short permed hair. End of December 2008, maybe I was boring of my short permed hair, I did straighten my hair. So now I back to the previous image that I had a long straight hair. But only now my hair is short.

May 2008 ~ > October 2008 ~

I used this brand of product called Schwarzkopf Glatt Professional to straighten my hair. I feel that quite good but the only I do not know how the effect of this product can be lasting for how long. Hope can last at least one month. :-)

after using >>> become >>>

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mosquito likes to bite my QiQi

Recently our living area seem like having most of mosquitoes or maybe the weather is keeping changing cause to all the mosquitoes flying out.
Maybe my QiQi still is baby and her blood contain of sweet or her face is too big and let mosquito easier to find her.
The mosquito likes to bite her. Now her face likes suffer in Chicken Pox. Let me headache is I do not know what ointment I should apply for her. Another headache is how to prevent the mosquito reproduction faster and how to reduce the mosquito to 0% without apply any chemical spray and Mosquito-repellent incense.
Hope tonight my family and I will have sweet dream.

My SuanSuan Still in Suffering

My SuanSuan still in suffering, her stomach pain and still diarrhea. Just now my lunch time, I went back to bring her to visit Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor and buy some Traditional Chinese Medicine. I informed my mother-in-law to give her eat the medicine. Hope tonight when I go back home, her suffering will be cured.

She was sleep~

Last week I said I wanted to visit my "Guan Erm", I went, but she was sleeping. Maybe I should plan for next visit before Chinese New Year.

House Keeping

Last Saturday and Sunday I was house keeping my store room and second bed room. I moved all the things out from store room.

I washed and cleaned the exhaust fan, window, wall and floor. My things I also rearranged and cleaned it too. Last time I put my things so messy, even no space can allow me to walk into store room and took somethings, now I rearranged the things into store room tidily and there still have extra space to let me put a chair and a table. Next time I can put my laptop there. All the toys I also keep into store room.

After house keeping on store room and second bed room, my back bone and my muscle of whole body were starting pain. Maybe I was too tired.

Friday, December 26, 2008

9th day ~ School Holiday Program ~ MC...

Today I did not give my SuanSuan to go to school because she still sick.

She get fever, vomit and not feeling well with her stomach. Maybe she was suffered in food poisoning.

Yesterday night, we brought her to visit doctor and already took the medicine. This morning, I saw her already feeling better a bit, but still diarrhea. I asked her whether want to go to school, but she refused.

Hope tonight she will be feeling better more.

Christmas Eve ~ Steamboat

24/12/2008, we went to auntie house to have Yam Soup Steamboat. Actually it is nothing to celebrate, only for fun and enjoy.
The Yam Soup Steamboat is very special because of the soup. The soup is using milk to cook and put the yam and fish for tasty.
We were enjoying to have our dinner. My SuanSuan only ate the noodle. QiQi nothing to eat. But my QiQi seemed like very happy with her new friends.

This is brother Ah Keat gave my QiQi as Christmas present. We named it Little Baby.

8th Day of School Holiday Program

24/12/2008, the 8th day of School Holiday Program. Teacher Wani taught SuanSuan made the "Poh Piah", I do not know what the name called in English. It is very delicious but only too oily.

Merry Christmas ~ Lost World Trip

Early morning, I woke up at 6:30am to prepare everything what I wanted to bring to Lost World.
We were starting our journey at 9:30am and reached there around 11:30am.
Reached there, we had our lunch first. After one and half hour, we prepared our things and entered inside the theme park.

1st thing to do, we found a suitable place to put down all our stuffs. After that, we went to change our costume and prepare to enjoy there all the day. In the same time, my mother-in-law brought my SuanSuan to ride the Perak Parade.

First enjoyable was Giddy Galleon. I wished to bring along my SuanSuan enjoy together, but the guard said that SuanSuan is not reach the height and cannot ride the Giddy Galleon. So I rode with my husband and my QiQi and SuanSuan only can wait us inside the grill. When the Giddy Galleon started operation, SuanSuan cried out and shouted "mummy mummy mummy". She though I will ride Giddy Galleon to somewhere and will not bring her together. Very funny of her.

We only can stand beside and watch the Dragons Flight and Stormrider. Because we do not dare to ride it...

Next, we walked the way to visit Kepura Cave, Tiger Valley and Swan Boat. My SuanSuan favourite is Swan Boat. But we only excited on Tiger Valley.

Due to SuanSuan sicked, she gets fever and not feeling well on her stomach, the whole day she did not eat anything, she only drink the plain water. Actually we did not allow her to play into water park, but she said she wanted to play for a moment. So I brought her walked into the water park there where is called Jungle Wave Bay and Explorabay. But at the end, she did not dare to swim into the deep part area. In the same time, my mother-in-law went to ride Advanture Express.

The next station, my husband and I went to the Waterfall Beach Garden, it is a very nice scenery which is look like a very real beach and sea. After this station, we enjoyed our Tambun Hot Springs where only beside of Waterfall Beach Garden. This Tambun Hot Springs is very nice for me and we also brought QiQi to enjoy it. In early, QiQi scared to soak, but I forced to carry her into the Hot Springs. At the end, she was also very enjoy for it.

My husband and I walked around and survey the theme park. We walked across the Cliff Racer, Tube Raiders and Advanture River. We were will to play on Tube Raiders, but there were queue up so many people, so we gave up.

Finally, we changed back our costume around 5:00pm and we walked along the Advanture Express way to visit again the theme park. We captured some pictures and these are our best memorable during year 2008 ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ~

Ready to go back... at 6:30pm

Remarks: Willing to know more about Lost World? You can visit

Ticket Fees:
Adult ~ RM25.00 / person
Children ~ RM19.00 / person (for below 12 years old)
For those children, the height below 90cm will entitle FREE.